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ADHD and ADD Natural Health Information

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Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is a common behavioral disorder which is likely to be more common among young boys and girls which are at the age fifteen to eighteen. It was renamed as ADHD in 1994 and was broken down in three further types, each according to its own pattern of behavior and other specifications.

Its first type is inattentive, second one is hyperactive-impulsive type, and third one is a combined type. According to an estimate, eight to ten percent of the school children are affected by it and this is three times more common among male children. The reason for this disease is still unknown and a lot of research work is being done on this disease especially to develop effective treatments. According to the opinion of most of the doctors all over the world, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder is common in all the countries and among younger children who are most likely going to have it for all their life.

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The symptoms of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder are that the people act without thinking, are often hyperactive and face difficulty in focusing on a specific topic. As there is no proper test that can determine the presence of ADHD so it can only be confirmed through complete evaluation of the patient who is suffering from it.

Most of the people who are found affected by it are children and adolescents. And they can be treated by family practitioners and pediatricians. And if the doctor will find your patient serious or when his or her diagnoses is in doubt then they can sent it to psychiatrists or psychologists and neurologists because the doctor thinks that the patient might be under pressure or suffering from anxiety.

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The affected child must show the following three behaviors before the age of seven, that are num one this behavior in that child that is being examined is more severe as compared to other one of the same age secondly this behavior must be from the recent six months and the third one is that this behavior is seen at least in two areas his school life or among his friends. This behavior of the child is not only due to the stress at home but can also be from other sudden events in his life like the death of a close relative, a divorce among his parents or from change of his school.

So all these sudden events in the life of children could cause him suffer from this behavior and it is important to consider all the above mentioned reasons while diagnosing such a case.
While diagnosing the doctor must have to take a brief history of the child before doing any other thing. And questions regarding to his family behavior and daily routine matters so in this way there are number of chances the he could at least get a clue about the patients mental background. A doctor could ask question from the family member and the school teacher of the children to get his full mental history so he can diagnose him properly. So in short the easiest way to escape from this behavior is to avoid from mental stress.

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It is essential to understand that there isn’t any cure for ADHD. However, some of the symptoms causing it can be somewhat controlled. This includes using a mixture of medication and different psychosocial therapies. These medications are used to control hyperactivities, impulsive behavior, and attention spans. Examples of these medications are:-

• Concerta.
• Dexedrine.
• Focalin.
• Metadate
• Methylin
• Ritalin
• Vyvanse
• Adderall. However, it is not recommended all the type as many people have reported getting addicted to it.
• Daytrana

Psychosocial therapies are approaches of treatment that mainly focus on behavioral, social, or psychological problems associated with ADHD. Some of these psychosocial therapies are:-
• Special education: - These are education techniques that are structured to fulfill the child’s educational needs. This will help children with who have ADHD to benefit from environments that are highly structured.
• Behavior modification which includes different strategies for encouraging good and healthy behavior.
• Psychotherapy and counseling can help individuals with ADHD effectively learn several new ways to handle emotions or frustration. This also enables them to enhance their self-esteem.
• Support groups: - These groups are for people who are going through similar problems or needs. This assists with acceptance and avoiding the feeling of being left out. Many individuals suffering from ADHD feel like they’re left out because they can’t keep up or focus with what people are doing or saying.

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