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Click here for a step by step guide to ending panic and anxiety.

Natural Cures and Remedies for Anxiety and Panic Attacks

End your panic attacks and anxiety - click here for the solution.

Anxiety is a social problem that is increasing quite rapidly over the few years. People with anxiety issues are more oven considered to be either bullied or else. Anxiety does not occur as a disease by birth. It is a condition which occurs when people deal difficult situations regarding confidence that shatter their personal perspectives and make them an example to be prominent among the society. There are numerous reasons why individuals can develop anxiety such as:-

• Abuse. Previous physical, sexual, and emotional abuse is going to result in depression. Even if a person is able to get over it after it happens, without proper counselling, this can lead to anxiety later on in life.

• Certain medications. Many medications used can lead to depression such as the one used to treat cholesterol and blood pressure. Other medications such as beta-blockers can also lead to anxiety. The issue here is that patients are obliged to take them due to their sickness.

End your panic attacks and anxiety - click here for the solution.

• Conflict. Constant conflicts with family and friends can lead to depression. It is more serious if the conflict is with family because these are the closest people with you and the ones you have contact with all the time.

• Death. Grief from a loved one’s death will lead to depression. The anxiety will get worse if the person doesn’t get support or help from a closed one when this happens.

• Genetics. Someone who has a history of anxiety in their family is in risk of suffering from it as well. Research has proven that depression can actually pass genetically from one family member to another.

• Major events. Many people aren’t aware that good events can also cause depression such as new jobs and graduating. This is because major events can be too stressful for the individual and they can end up getting anxiety. Other major sad events such as losing income or getting a divorce can also lead to depression.

• Personal problems. Social isolation, getting bullied, or feeling like a cast out can result in anxiety.
• Serious illness. Anxiety can co-exist with major illnesses such as thyroid disease. For example, when there is a sickness in the thyroid gland, the hypothyroidism hormones which is known for being an important neurotransmitter isn’t released properly. This can also lead to problems other than depression such as constipation and feeling tired all the time.

End your panic attacks and anxiety - click here for the solution.

• Poor sleeping habits. A research that was conducted during 2007 shows that individuals who are sleep deprived have lower brain activity and this why they get depressed. This is the main reason why individuals who suffer from insomnia or oversleeping are unhappy all the time.

• Substance abuse. It was found that 30% of individuals who suffer from substance abuse also suffer from clinical depression at the time. This is because alcohol or drug abuse always results to problems with family and friends or losing jobs and income.

Anxiety does cause difference prominences among its victims. Some seem to be stuttering and stammering which depends on the level of anxiety. Stuttering destroys the person’s confidence level and shatters his personality. Stuttering does not only make then more and more introvert but also week and confused all over the society.

Moreover, stuttering causes them to be week from inside. In cases where anxiety level is not so high, people often have slurred language and accent that again makes understanding their points more and more difficult.

Anxiety not only causes stuttering and stammering but also causes many other issues regarding the body. High blood pressure, change of facial description and many other presentations are well known. As a matter of fact, people with anxiety issues find it very difficult to deal with the issues of our society. They also find it impossible to find jobs and public representations. The problem of finding job is the most important as faced by the anxiety patients.

The career advice for adults has become quite easier, thanks to the technology now-a-days, we can easily apply for jobs and have a chance to apply again and again. This has become easier by the introduction of job search engines which are becoming more and more popular than ever before. You need to simply upload your CV and wait for the interview call. On success, the job is easily offered to you and it is possible that it may be your dream job!

Moreover, adults must believe that whatever they do is different from what they did in teenage. This is because in teenage as youngsters we are unaware of the choices we make and our goals are clear to us. But the adults have the advantage in a way that they are very much aware of their goals and their goals stand very clearly in front of them.

Thus they have more determination and enthusiasm than teens on the decisions they make and they have the ability to stand solid on those decisions. As a career advice for adults, they have learned lessons from the realities of life and they are very productive in making any decisions and to stand on them.

Anxiety issues can be resolved by consulting a good psychologist of a course of few months and following proper prescription and medication. Moreover, the other complications caused by anxiety can be dealt by going to different situations where you find it difficult to talk and speak and trying to testify yourself there. This in turn causes it quite easier to be a part of this world and succeed in certain situations.

End your panic attacks and anxiety - click here for the solution.


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