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Autistic Children
Natural treatments for autism, including herbal and homeopathic remedies.

Autism & Asperger's Syndrome -- Natural Alternatives

Autism is a medical problem that affects children all over the world. Two significant categories of theories have been associated with the bran and autistic behaviour. One category mainly focuses on social cognition deficits. The second theory focuses on general processing and this includes the working memory or planning.

 In some rare situations, autism can be strongly associated with defects that took place during birth especially if the mother used alcohol or drugs using the pregnancy.

There are also various environmental causes like heavy metals, childhood vaccines, and pesticides. The effects of autism vary from one child to another where some children have an easier time responding to treatment whereas others take a longer time. This is why it is essential that treatment is done early as soon as any strange or abnormal symptoms are detected because as the child grows up, it becomes very difficult to control these symptoms.

Symptoms and effects of autism

Children who have autism have a lot of difficulties in development especially in three development areas which are behaviour, language, and interaction. Due to the fact that symptoms of autism and severity differ greatly, children who have the exact same diagnosis can act differently and have different skills.

• Social skills

Children with autism fail to respond to their names, have poor eye contact, resist cuddling or holding, don’t understand the feelings of other people, prefer to play alone or retreat in their own world, and don’t ask for any help. They can also become very annoyed when someone calls them out when they’re focused in their own world. The world that autistic children create is obviously imaginary but to them it is very important and this is why they get extremely aggressive when they’re interrupted or asked to retreat from it for any reason.

Children who suffer from high-functioning autism are most likely going to suffer from frequent loneliness when compared to their peers who are non-autistic even though many people believe that autistic children enjoy being along. It is very difficult for autistic children to make or maintain friends because to them, the quality of these friendships usually predicts how lonely they are feeling especially if they’re exposed to some harsh commented in the part. Aggression and violence are very common among autistic children as well.

• Language

Autistic children don’t speak or have delayed speech, forget how to say sentences and word they previously were capable of, barely make eye contact when they’re speaking, speak with rhythms and abnormal tones, can’t begin a conversation or maintain one, constantly repeat words, and find it very difficult to understand words or sentences that are said by other people. They can also create their own language and speak to people that they have created in the imaginary world of theirs.

• Behaviour

Difficulties include performing movements that are repetitive like rocking and spinning, developing special routines, moving constantly, being sensitive to light or touching, not engaging in any type of playing, having odd preferences such as in food, and performing activities that are harmful such as banging their heads. Being sensitive to light is something that about 85% of autistic children suffer from and they can become really aggressive if they have to stay around light for a long time.

• Extraordinary skills/other symptoms

About 0.5% of children who are diagnosed with autism have abilities that are somewhat unusual such as splinter skills and being able to memorize trivia. Also, many of them show skills that are superior in perception or attention. Sensory abnormalities can also be found in about 90% of children who are diagnosed with autism and are considered to be an essential core feature in the diagnosis process.

• Prognosis/treatment

Until now, there hasn’t been an actual cure for autism but children can experience improvement if they are diagnosed early and receive training or development classes. Therapies or behavioural interventions are mainly designed to cure specific symptoms and can also result in substantial improvement.

The best treatment plan includes interventions or therapies that are suitable for the needs and conditions of the child because the symptoms differ from one child to another.
Most of these behavioural interventions and educational therapies are highly structured where therapists use intensive skill-oriented mentoring to assist children in developing their social skills. One of the most common therapies is known as autism behavioural analysis where children get to improve their language capabilities as well.

It is recommended for family counselling to take place as well as many parents find it very difficult to deal with their autism children. Doctors can also prescribe medication for treatment certain symptoms related to autism like anxiety, depression, and OCD.

Antipsychotic medication can also be used to cure serious behavioural problems especially if it is affecting other people in the house. Medication can also be used to improve attention-related disorders which will decrease impulsivity that autistic children have and hyperactivity. Nutritional treatments are also used even though they have been extremely controversial in the past especially that they affect the nutritional status in the child. Overall, autism is a disease that can be managed even though parents find that very difficult most of the times. As long as the symptoms become identified and the child undergoes the suitable treatment needed, the symptoms or actions related to autism are definitely going to improve.

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