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Heal Cold Sores with Essential Oils

This formula is proven effective in treating oral herpes such as cold sores, canker sores and fever blisters.

Cure Your Cold Sores
Natural and herbal remedies for the treatment of cold sores.

Natural Cures and Remedies for Cold Sores or Fever Blisters

A viruss known as the herpes simplex is the main cause of the fever blisters. The herpes simplex virus is of two kinds. The first kind mostly leads to the oral herpes or the fever blisters. The second kind mostly leads to the genital herpes.

Despite the fact that both the kinds of viruses can damage the oral tissues, the first kind of virus contributes to 95% of the continuous outbreaks of the fever blisters. The virus of herpes simplex is extremely dangerous when the fever blisters are present. It spreads more through kissing. Due to the frequent contact with parents, siblings or other close relations, children often catch fever blisters.

The virus can be spread by a child through the rubbing the cold sore and then by touching other kids and this is why it is always recommended to avoid contact with individuals suffering from blisters as they can easily be spread. There are no repeat bouts of the disease in these kinds of infections.

Prior to the age of 10, majority of the people are infected by the first kind of virus of herpes simplex. Majority of the membrane cells which are moist of mouth, throat and lips are invaded by the virus. In majority of the people, there are no symptoms in the beginning of the infection. There is a development however of a number of fluid filled blisters in and out of the mouth in 15 percent of the patients, 3 to 5 days after they were infected by the herpes simplex.

Fever, general aches and swollen neck glands accompany this. There is a merging of the blisters after which they collapse. Usually over the sores, a yellow colored crust develops which mostly heals in 2 weeks without scarring. But, the herpes virus stays inside the body. The nerve near the cheekbone always contains the virus once a person is infected with oral herpes. Sometimes it stays at the stay place in an inactive position and sometimes it moves down into the skin’s surface and again causes fever blisters. The occurrence of the blisters again appears at the outside edge or the nostril or lips. But it is also evident on the cheeks, chin or inside mouth.

Till now there is no treatment for the fever blisters. A little pain and discomfort linked with sores is relieved by a few medications. These consists of the ointments that are used to make the blisters numb or the antibiotics which control the infections of secondary bacteria as well as the ointments used to make the crusts of sores soft. Till now there is an absence of a vaccine available to the public for herpes simplex. But a number of research laboratories are working in this regard to prevent fever blisters.

A promising experimental vaccine for herpes has been recently developed by the scientists of National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research and the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases.
There are also numerous remedies that can be implemented at home such as:-

• Using lysine and lemon balms. Lemon balms consist of lemon extracts that are effective in decreasing healing time. Lysine is a powerful amino acid that is effective in decreasing healing time as well. Lysine intake can be done by consuming more vegetables, fish, beans, or poultry.

• Deceasing stress. There are many situations where fever blisters are triggered by anxiety and stress. Using different relaxation techniques like mediation and deep breathing can greatly help.

• Covering blisters by petroleum jelly can prevent them from getting affected with a bacterial infection.

• Using cold milk. This helps in preventing outbreaks and can be done by soaking cotton balls in cold milk and then applying it on the blister. This is also going to decrease pain.

• Avoiding skin contact with other people especially that bodily fluids can easily be infected.

• Avoiding sharing items that are personal with other people, especially if they have suffered from cold sores previously.

• Avoiding triggers and taking extra care when getting some procedures done such as dental care.

• Using pills to avoid blister outbreaks. Individuals who get blisters on a regular basis can contact their doctor to reduce their possibilities of getting blisters and an outbreak.

As long as treatment is followed, then the blisters will take a few days to disappear. However, it is essential to always follow prevention procedures as there is always a high possibility that blisters and the associated symptoms are going to return again.


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