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The Effects of Heavy Metals

The damage that they do is on the cellular level, and can cause cancer and many other diseases.

Chemical and Heavy Metal Cleanse
Zeotrex is a supplement that uses nano-colloidal zeolites and organic ingredients to help in eliminating toxic chemicals and heavy metals.

Heavy Metal Detox

Heavy metal detox is very important in solving the mystery of many health problems. Heavy metal poisoning can be the cause of, or a contributor to, many conditions such as chronic fatigue syndrome, autism, cancer, immune system dysfunction, damage to the central nervous system, damaged adrenals, depression, anxiety, multiple chemical sensitivities, and more.

A list of some heavy metals, there sources and symptoms of toxicity:

Aluminum -- Is found in aluminum foil, cans, baking powder, cosmetics, cheese, fireworks, dental amalgams, deodorants, drugs, toothpaste, pesticides, pollution, table salt (you can substitute with natural sea salt), nasal spray, cookware, vehicle exhaust, aspirin and more.

Aluminum can cause learning disabilities, Alzheimer's, dementia, dry skin, anemia, headaches, liver dysfunction, memory loss, Parkinson's, heartburn, peptic ulcer, psychosis, Aluminum tends to accumulate in the kidneys, liver, brain, reproductive organs, muscles, stomach. Some of the common symptoms of aluminum are headaches, abnormal heart rhythm, depression, blurred vision, numbness in hands and feet.

One of the most well known health problems caused by aluminum is Alzheimer's and dementia. The use of aluminum in many products used on a daily basis may be the reason there is such an increase in the number of people who have these health problems.

Arsenic -- Is found in some seafood, is used in galvanizing and power plants, is found in pesticides, herbicides, insecticides, fungicides, desiccants and wood preservatives and riot control gas. There is arsenic in the air due to the burning of wood coal, metal alloys and arsenic waste.

It can cause anemia, malaise, fatigue, spontaneous abortions, dermatitis, skin lesions, peripheral neuropathy, encephalopathy, cardiovascular distress, Raynaud's phenomenon, hypertension, myocardial infarction, hearing loss, cardiovascular disease, cancer of the skin, liver or respiratory tract.

Beryllium -- Is found in household products, coal, spark plugs, microwave tubes, photographic equipment, etc.

The lungs are the target organ of beryllium toxicity and may be a cause of lung cancer. It may also cause contact dermatitis, ulcers, magnesium depletion, organ dysfunction and disturbance of calcium and vitamin D metabolism.

Lead -- Is in auto exhaust, batteries, cigarette smoke, inks, cosmetics, household dust, hair dyes, lead pipes, pottery, liver, canned fruit, pesticides, pencils, paint, newsprint, toothpaste, putty, PVC containers, tin cans and water.

It can cause adrenal insufficiency, behavioral disorders, cardiovascular disease, loss of coordination, depression, constipation, fatigue, anxiety, anemia, allergies, immune suppression, decreased IQ, insomnia, joint pain, kidney disorders, liver dysfunction, memory loss, menstrual problems, muscle aches and weakness, multiple sclerosis, myelopathy, Parkinson's disease, restlessness, seizures, stillbirths, sudden infant death syndrome, and lots more.

Lead also affects cognitive development in children such as retardation, learning difficulties and behavioral problems.

Mercury -- Is found primarily in dental amalgams. It is also found in air conditioner filters, batteries, body powders, newspapers, laxatives, medications, vaccines, fungicides, grains, insecticides, paints, Preparation H, tattoos, diuretics, thermometers, paper, fluorescent light bulbs, skin creams and ointments.

Mercury tends to concentrate in the kidneys and brain. It can cause dementia, colitis and renal failure in people who have used laxatives containing mercury. Other health problems include bronchitis, fatigue, insomnia, loss of memory, chest pains, gingivitis, anxiety, adrenal dysfunction, brain damage, dizziness, eczema, immune dysfunction, migraines, pain in limbs, vision loss, hyperactivity, hypothyroidism, kidney damage, memory loss, joint pain, depression, mental retardation, anorexia, nerve impairment and chronic viral, bacterial and fungal illnesses.

Mercury And Its Use In Fillings

It has been recently discovered that mercury may be the cause of the rise in the number autistic children. Mercury has been present in the vaccinations given to children. Here's an article about the connection of mercury to autism.

Autism: A Unique Type of Mercury Poisoning

Nickel -- Is found in fertilizers, food processing, kelp, oysters, batteries, fuel oil, imitation whipped cream, margarine, stainless steel cookware, tea, tobacco, vegetable shortening.

It may cause kidney problems, hormonal problems, headaches, intestinal or respiratory cancer, low blood pressure, skin problems and asthma and sinus problems.


How to remove heavy metals from your body --lemon balm

Chlorella -- Chlorella is one of the most researched foods. Because chlorella is a food, it is hard to take to much. It is considered to be one of the best detoxifiers and is able to remove alcohol from the liver and heavy metals, pesticides and PCBs from body tissues. Chlorella can also absorb toxins from the intestines, alter bacterial flora in the bowel (for the better), eliminate intestinal gas and help relieve chronic constipation. About a third of those who try chlorella can't tolerate it. It is possible this is due to a cellulase deficiency. If you have trouble with chlorella, you could try supplementing with cellulase. Because of its ability to bind to heavy metals and other toxins, it makes it a good partner to cilantro.

Cilantro -- Cilantro mobilizes mercury, cadmium, lead and aluminum in the brain and the central nervous system. It is probably the only supplement able to mobilize mercury stored in intracellular spaces and the nucleus of the cell. Cilantro, however, can mobilize more toxins then it can carry out of the body and so may just move the heavy metals to another part of the body. Because of cilantro's inability to remove the mercury from the body after it has been mobilized, it should never be taken alone. It has been found that chlorella works synergistically with cilantro as it has better binding properties. If you don't want to buy cilantro as an herbal, you can buy cilantro and incorporate it in your meals -- salads, salsas or other dishes.

Garlic -- Garlic contains sulphur which oxidizes mercury, cadmium and lead and makes them water-soluble. It is also a potent antimicrobial and antifungal making it effective against candida albicans and parasites. Garlic contains a mineral that protects the body from mercury toxicity. It's called bioactive selenium. Garlic selenium is the best form of selenium available. Raw garlic, of course, would be best. But if you don't like it raw, the next best form would be aged garlic extract such as Kyolic brand. As the sulpher found in garlic is the main reason it is able to oxidize heavy metals, then it might also be helpful to supplement with MSM as it is a form of sulpher.

Chlorophyll -- Chlorophyll is another way to detox heavy metals and is found in large quantity in chlorella as well. In fact it's because of its high level of chlorophyll that chlorella got its name. If you have problems with chlorella then you could try liquid chlorophyll. It's usually advertised as a breath freshener but don't let that fool you. It is also very good at binding to heavy metals and helping to remove them from your body.

Magnesium Malate or Malic Acid -- Malic acid is one of the most potent aluminum detoxifiers. It helps reduce aluminum toxicity of the brain and for that reason could be used to help Alzheimer's Disease. Malic acid has been shown to increase fecal and urinary excretion of aluminum. It can also reduce the amount of aluminum found in the organs and tissues of the body.

N-acetylcysteine or N-A-C -- N-A-C can detox heavy metals as well as raise the level of glutathione. Glutathione is an important antioxidant amino acid which protects against mercury toxicity. N-A-C binds to heavy metals and removes them from the body. N-A-C is one of the most effective oral chelating agents, and if it is taken regularly over a period of time, it will remove many toxic heavy metals.

EDTA (ethylene diamine tetraacetic acid) -- EDTA is an amino acid. It has been so effective at removing heavy metals from the blood, it has been the standard, FDA-approved treatment for lead, mercury, aluminum and cadmium poisoning for more than 50 years. It is a chelating agent designed to bind and inactivate certain trace metals. EDTA may deplete important vitamins and minerals so you should supplement with a daily multivitamin.

Far Infrared Sauna -- I have one of these also and I can confirm that this type of sauna can really make you sweat and at lower temperatures than conventional saunas. One of the most important pathways for eliminating heavy metals is through the skin by sweating. Most really serious heavy metal detox programs include sweating as one of the primary elements of the program. Below is an article about far infrared saunas to give you a little more information.

Warming Up To Far Infrared (heavy metal detox)

Whenever you cause sweating, such as mentioned above, your body is depleted of minerals. Always take an electrolite drink and a mineral supplement to replace lost minerals. You can drink mineral water while in the sauna or bath. You can create an electrolite drink using 1/4 teaspoon sea salt and 1/2 lime or lemon sqeezed in a glass of water. Doesn't taste so good but it works. You may add a little orange juice or apple juice to sweeten it up a little bit. This is very important. Don't begin any sweating program without planning a way to replace the minerals that are lost. 



Books about heavy metal poisoning and its effect on the brain:

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It's All in Your Head

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