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RectoRex Drops
Natural remedy to support anal health and vein health of the anal area.

Essential Oils For Hemorrhoids
With only a few drops per application, hemorrhoids, hemorrhoidal pain and bleeding will be eliminated.

Natural Cures and Remedies for Hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids is a medical condition that involved swollen veins around or inside the rectum or anus. External hemorrhoids usually lead to extreme pain, itching, and irritation. The medical condition can also lead to individuals finding it very difficult to sit down or perform regular activities. On the other hand, internal hemorrhoids are completely painless but can still cause bleeding and irritation. It is common to have both internal and external haemorrhoids at the exact some time.

The condition can be caused due to anus tissue getting filled with blood to facilitate bowel movements which can place serious pressure on them as well. When individuals strain to attempt to move stools, this pressure leads to the veins swelling or stretching which can lead to bleeding.

Additionally, constipation and diarrhoea can lead to this condition as an increased pressure is placed on the veins and this is something that the body is not used to. Individuals from every age group and gender can get this condition including pregnant women.

This is due to increased pressure placed on the pelvic area and movements of the baby can make the condition worse. If the associated symptoms start with a significant change in bowel related habit, change of stool colour, excessive blood clots, then there might be a high possibility that the patient is suffering from another serious medical condition. Some of the common symptoms are:-

• Bleeding and itching. This might take place both on the short and long term.
• Extreme rectal pain.
• Excessive discharge but this is more apparent among women.
• Constipation.
• Faeces leakage.
• Sensitive and painful lumps appearing around the anus or rectal area.
• Extreme fatigue.
• Dizziness throughout the day.
• Finding it difficult to sit down or perform regular activities.

Additionally, hemorrhoids can progress and lead to other complications such as:-
• Anaemia: - This is a result of chronic and excessive blood loss where there aren’t enough red blood cells that are active and health to transport oxygen effectively to cells. This is also what leads to fatigue, dizziness, and weakness.
• Strangulated hemorrhoids:- This takes place when the blood supply is cut off to the hemorrhoids. This can lead to excessive pain and even gangrene, which is tissue death.

By the age 50, almost 60% of adults have experienced discomfort, itching, or bleeding in the rectal area and this is why it shouldn’t be confused with hemorrhoids before diagnosed by the doctor first. To diagnose hemorrhoids, doctors will examine the rectum area using lighted scope if it’s internal or gloves if it’s external.

The diagnosis process is not painful whatsoever and usually takes an hour or less. However, it is essential to understand that rectal bleeding can be an important sign that the patient is suffering from another serious medical problem like colon and anal cancer. For external condition, treating it at home is more than enough and is effective as well. This includes adding fibre to diets, drinking a lot of water, and also using ointments to decreasing itching. It is recommended not to exercise or engage in heavy activities during the treatment period to avoid placing pressure on the rectum and anus.

When it comes to internal conditions, other advanced treatments are going to be necessary, especially if ointments and lifestyle changes didn’t work effectively. Doctors will have to tie off hemorrhoids using rubber bands to decrease blood supply to the rectum and place less pressure which results in the associated symptoms decreasing as well.

This surgery isn’t painful at all but the patient might experience some irritation and difficulties to sit down after it or perform regular activities after the operation is performed successfully. However, this feeling will usually last for a day or two only. Surgery is also going to be used if none of these other treatments work and this is usually left in the end. If the hemorrhoid symptoms began along with a marked change in bowel habits or if the patient is passing black, tarry or maroon stools, blood clots, or blood mixed in with the stool, a doctor should be consulted immediately.

These types of stools can signal more extensive bleeding elsewhere in your digestive tract. However, this is usually very rare and most mild treatments are effective. Patients should also remember to continue implementing lifestyle change even if their treatment was successful to avoid the symptoms from coming back again. The treatment period will usually last for two to three weeks depending on how severe the condition is and whether the patient is suffering from ant other medical conditions.



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