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Natural Cures and Remedies for Hives (Urticaria)

Hives, also known as urticaria, is an allergic reaction that involves rash and welts appearing in different parts of the skin. Hives are extremely itchy and can either last for a couple of minutes or days before disappearing. Occasionally, hives can indicate other medical problems especially when there are other symptoms available like having difficulties breathing. Simultaneously, suffering from hives along with other symptoms like fever, low blood pressure, abdominal cramps usually suggest anaphylaxis.

This is more apparent among individuals who were bitten from insects. Anaphylaxis is a severe shock that takes place to the immunity condition. This is a condition that requires serious medical attention and not receiving help can be extremely fatal.

According to estimates, 20% of adults are going to develop hives at a point in their life. However, hives a lot more common among women than men. One of the significant characteristics of hives is their change in size that takes place in a rapid manner. Hives can also disappear from one place and appear in another within hours. Individual hives don’t last for more than 24 hours and this is usually an outbreak that is often misdiagnosed as hives in many situations. Swelling that takes place deeper in skin is angioedema and usually takes place on the arms and feet. Hives can also appear on lips and eye lids.

Hives are usually produced and increased in size when histamine is released from mast cells. Many medications such as morphine, codeine, medications for anti-inflammation, and aspirin can result in the body releasing histamine or producing urticarial through various non-allergic mechanisms. These are cells that are found inside the skin and histamine leads to fluid leaking from blooding vessels and swelling.

Even though hives can be difficult to withstand, they usually end being resolved on their own unless they progress to having difficulties breathing. Additionally, many hives are a result of various allergies like foods, medications, or insect stings. Even though patients can find it very frustrating to understand what caused hives, lifestyle changes such as changing diet consumed, makeup, or detergents used on a regular basis can be very useful in preventing hives and decreasing most of the symptoms associated with it such as irritation and low blood pressure.

Also, having hives can definitely cause stress and anxiety. However, stress doesn’t lead to hives and isn’t considered to be one of the reasons of its cause.
In order to diagnose hives, doctors are going to ask several questions to find the causes behind hives and the triggers behind them. However, it is essential to understand that there isn’t any specific hives tests performed and this is the same for angioedema swelling as well. Testing and diagnosis is going to be done on the basis of the patient’s medical history and exams conducted by dermatologists and doctors.

Additionally, skin tests are also performed for the doctor or dermatologist to determine substances that patients are allergic to. Routine tests are going to be performed as well on the blood to determine if any other illnesses are present. There isn’t any specific treatment for hives. The best cure for it would be identifying the trigger and removing it, but this isn’t easy as well. Doctors are most likely going to prescribe antihistamines to reduce symptoms associated with hives. Antihistamines are going to work the best if they’re taken on a regular basis to cure hives from getting formed. On the other hand, chronic hives are treated using antihistamines and a mixture of medications.

There is always a high possibility that antihistamines aren’t going to work and this is when doctors or dermatologists are going to prescribe oral corticosteroids. For complicated hive and angioedema outbreaks, patients will have to take an epinephrine (adrenaline) injection and cortisone medication to prevent symptoms from alleviating. Even though there are numerous symptoms and levels of hives, most cases can be cured easily. However, this differs depending on the stage of complications but all stages can be cured within three to six weeks. However, mild cases can of course be cured within a couple of days. There are numerous measures and lifestyle changes that can be implemented to manage these symptoms and completely eliminate them.

These changes should be done in the diet consumed as well like avoiding spicy food as this is another reason why histamine can be released and hives affects individuals in many situations. It is recommended to increase the amount of fibre in the diet as well and consume food such as fresh vegetables, fruits, and cereals.


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