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Natural Cures and Remedies for Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Bowel syndrome, also known as IBS, is a disorder that affects the intestines and causes severe pain, cramping, constipation, diarrhoea, and bloating. The disorder is a medical problem that persists for a long time but symptoms can be reduced if effective treatments are used. IBS doesn’t lead to any other medical problems like cancer and inflammatory bowels but these conditions can easily develop if the symptoms associated with IBS aren’t treated early. It isn’t clear at all what causes IBS, but it is believed that it is a result of the disrupting of signals between digestive tract and the nervous system, excessive stress, intake of spicy food, and anxiety.

 Individuals with IBS have extremely sensitive intestines and problems with how the intestines’ muscles move. This can also affect bowel movements and this is why individuals with IBS usually suffer from constipation as well.
Additionally, stress, changes in hormones and specific types of medications can make these symptoms worse, especially if the patient is suffering from other medical problems or isn’t following treatments properly.

This is more apparent among individuals who suffer from excessive stress all of a sudden. Bacterial gastroenteritis can also lead to IBS which is an infection that results in stock or intestine irritation due to the growth of bacteria. Researchers don’t understand how the condition develops into IBS until now but psychological problems or abnormalities in the digestive tract are some of the factors. Additionally, there are a few bacteria that reside in the intensive. An increase in the amount of bacteria or a change in their type can lead to excessive gas production. This can also lead to weight loss, bacterial overgrowth in the small intestine, constipation, and finally IBS. Individuals with IBS also have neurotransmitters levels that are altered.

 These are chemicals that transmit signals between nerves along with GI hormones. Many studies suggest that some reproductive hormones can actually make IBS problems a lot worse. IBS can also be causes because of genetics. Individuals with a family history of bowel syndrome are more prone to getting it at later stages in life. However, this is not confirmed and many people with a family history of IBS never get it throughout their life but might suffer from other problems in their digestive system instead.

IBS is very common and affects people no matter what their age or gender is. However, some symptoms are mild that individuals don’t necessarily have to visit the doctor and they can disappear within a couple of days. Others can suffer from troublesome symptoms that take a long time to be treated such as cramps or bloating. Doctors are able to diagnose IBS easily when the patients describes the symptoms. A lower GI exam might also be used to diagnose IBS. This is an x-ray exam that is mainly use to examine the small and large intestine. The patients might have to use a diet that consists of liquid diets for three to four days because the exam takes place. Additionally, laxatives are going to be used to enhance bowel movements along with enhancing stool movements.

The procedure is not painless at all and usually lasts for half an hour but it is recommended by doctors, especially when there aren’t any external symptoms apparent. Doctors are going to conduct other tests like stool analysis and blood tests if the symptoms aren’t apparent enough. It is essential to understand that not all the symptoms associated with IBS are external or can easily be detected and this is why many doctors will have to use these measures and diagnosis techniques.

There are numerous measures and lifestyle changes that can be implemented to manage these symptoms and completely eliminate them. These changes should be done in the diet consumed as well like avoiding spicy food as this is the main reason why irritable bowel syndrome affects individuals in many situations. It is recommended to increase the amount of fibre in the diet as well and consume food such as fresh vegetables, fruits, and cereals. Keep in mind that fibre is very beneficial for individuals who suffer from constipation along with IBS as well.

 Certain medications are going to be described to decrease symptoms such as pain and constipation. There are also psychological treatments such as cognitive behavioural therapy, hypnosis, relaxation or psychotherapy that are used and these are usually done by individuals who don’t prefer medications. Additionally, herbal therapies such as Chinese herbal medicine and acupuncture are used to manage these symptoms.


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