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Liver Diseases

Natural and herbal remedies for the treatment of liver diseases.

Liver Dr.
Natural solution for improved function of the liver.

Liver Health

The liver is the largest organ in your body except for the skin. It's primary job is to filter over a liter of blood each minute. It has many other functions including:

Controlling your blood sugar

Aiding in digestion

Producing and balancing hormones

Detoxifying your body

Regulating fat storage and carbohydrate metabolism

...and much more

Your liver is vital to your well being and many times when functioning poorly is the underlying cause to many health problems. I have heard people online who have regained their health simply by cleansing, flushing and rejuvenating their liver.

In today's world there are many things that cause the liver to be stressed and to function poorly. It deals with so many chemicals and toxins from the environment around us and the way we eat. Most of our foods today are loaded with chemicals, either through pesticides used to grow them or additives in processed and packaged foods. We also stress our bodies and liver function by using chemicals in our house -- cleaning supplies, deodorizers and pesticides. Also, the perfumes and cosmetics we use can be very toxic as well.

The place where you work most likely is loaded with toxins. I used to work at a print shop for about nine years and was exposed to inks, cleaning products, darkroom chemicals, etc. Over the years I became very sick and was forced to quit my job. It has taken me years to regain my health.

Helping your liver detoxify and work better will improve your health dramatically. You need your liver to be healthy as it deals with all the toxins that enter the body. Read below for help on how to improve your liver health.

Castor Oil Packs

The use of castor oil packs was first introduced to me by my naturopath to help stimulate and detox my liver.

Castor oil packs are made by soaking a piece of cotton or wool flannel in castor oil and placing it on the abdomen and especially over the liver. The flannel is then covered with a sheet of plastic wrap and then a hot water bottle or heating pad is placed over the plastic to heat the pack. You then keep the pack on for 45 to 60 minutes while in a relaxed position. The oil is messy but very effective. You can put a towel over the plastic if you want to keep any oil from getting on anything. If you want you can heat the oil slightly in a pan before putting it on the flannel.

You can often find a castor oil pack kit (bottle of castor oil and flannel, just the right size) in your local health store. If not, you can either improvise or buy a castor oil kit online. It only costs about $10.

Liver Support Herbs

Chanca Piedra -- Chanca Piedra or "break stone" is my favorite herb for both liver and kidney health. It dissolves gall stones found in the liver and gall bladder as well as kidney stones. It is also believed to stimulate bile production and promote a healthy liver.

In two different studies it was reported that chanca piedra had liver protective and detoxifying actions in children with hepatitis and jaundice. In Britain researchers reported that children treated with chanca piedra for acute hepatitis had liver function return to normal in five days. Again, research in China also showed chanca piedra to have liver protective actions in adults with chronic hepatitis.

Chanca Piedra can act as a diuretic and so should not be taken over a prolonged period of time. It also has been shown to lower blood pressure and so should be used with caution if you already have low blood pressure. In addition it can lower blood sugar levels. If you are hypoglycemic be sure to be extra careful in keeping your blood sugar balanced while taking this herb. I have hypoglycemia and was able to take Chanca Piedra without any problems. I did, however, take extra care to keep my blood sugar balanced while taking it.milk thistle

Milk Thistle -- Traditionally milk thistle has been used to support the liver and is probably the most researched herb in its effect on liver health. Below is an article to help you learn how it works and why it is so popular.

Milk thistle works to keep your liver in good health - milk thistle's flavonoid extract, silymarin

Bupleurum -- Traditionally, bupleurum has been regarded as an herb that helps to normalize the function of the liver. Research has identified compounds known as saikosaponins that support liver health. Bupleurum has anti-inflammatory activity and the ability to stimulate the release of bile and so helping the liver to detoxify.

Turmeric -- Turmeric has beneficial effects on the liver including stimulating bile flow and improving fat metabolism. Turmeric also has strong liver-protective properties protecting the liver from a number of toxic compounds. An active constituent of turmeric is curcumin. Curcumin also has a protective effect on liver tissue and is traditionally used for liver ailments as well.

Dandelion Root -- Dandelion root is known as one of the most effective detoxifying herbs. It works principally on the liver and gallbladder to help remove toxins. The body uses dandelion root to increase the production of bile in the liver and in supporting its release from the gallbladder.burdock

Burdock Root -- The bitter properties of burdock stimulate bile secretions. It is a good digestive herb and liver remedy. It detoxifies the liver and cleanses the blood.

Livatrex -- An energetically enhanced blend of powerful herbs supporting detoxification and normal function of the liver and gallbladder.


Coffee Enemas to Help Your Liver Health

Finally, there is the coffee enema. Coffee enemas are said to cause the liver to release bile and toxins that have accumulated. It is also used to help cancer patients in the Gerson method. I have used coffee enemas and can say that they do really help. They are especially helpful in getting rid of headaches when they are toxic headaches.

The coffee enema causes toxins to be released from the liver because of the stimulating effect of caffeine and other constituents found in coffee. The coffee is taken up through the blood veins into the liver and causes the liver to release bile along with the toxins. Sometimes you will here squirting noises coming from the right side just under your ribs. This is the gall bladder releasing bile as well, also eliminating built up toxins. Coffee enemas have also been used for pain relief, and as I said above, they often get rid of headaches.

Below is an article with some more information and it explains how to prepare and perform a coffee enema.

Coffee Enema For Liver Detoxification


Helpful Books:

The Healthy Liver & Bowel Book

Herbs for Hepatitis C and the Liver (Medicinal Herb Guide.)

Your Favorite Cures or Remedies:

Let us know your favorite cure or remedy for liver health by clicking here


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Liver and Gallbladder Health
Livatrex is an enhanced blend of powerful herbs supporting detoxification and normal function of the liver and gallbladder.



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