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Paratrex promotes a natural cleansing of your system and helps create an environment hostile to invading organisms.

Intestinal Worms and Parasites
Natural and herbal remedies for the treatment of human intestinal worms and parasites.

Natural Cures and Remedies for Parasites

Parasites are different organisms that have the ability to feed on human beings. Examples of parasites are ringworms, pinworms, and liver flukes. When human being contract them, parasites don’t only feed on the food consumed, but on the body as well by feeding on cells, blood, good consumed, supplements, and even energy. There are various parasite types and they differ depending on their size, places they grow, and danger level.

The microscopic protozoa lead to diseases like malaria, dysentery, or giardiasis which can lead to various other medical complications. Worms are another type of parasites and differ in their shapes and size. They range from hookworms which are only a couple of millimetres and tape worms that can be up to 37 feet. It is essential to understand that no matter what the shape or size the parasite it, they lead to various health problems that have to be inspected by a doctor and there is always a possibility that they will lead to medical complications as well.

This is why it always recommended to consult a doctor once the symptoms become apparent. The health of the liver is usually compromised from parasitic infections. This is due to the fact that the liver is responsible for eliminating wastes and toxic materials from your body and blood. Parasites release harmful toxins into the blood and this takes place when they feed on the body and even when they did. Waste materials released from the parasites are toxic and this is why the liver becomes overworked over time. This results in the release of different emotions that are associated with liver such as anger, irritability, or frustration. Additionally, most individuals with parasites suffer from various symptoms such as drastic weight loss, fatigue, and skin eruptions.

The drastic weight loss and fatigue are due to the parasites feeding on the nutrients and food that enters the body. This is why most patients with parasites always feel hungry and tired. Many of them aren’t even able to go through the day and perform regular functions.

There are various ways that humans can contract parasites. The main way is food which acts as a pathway for them to enter the body. Uncooked meat is another breeding ground for most parasites. Unclean and mishandled vegetables have proven to harbour parasites. Additionally, human contact, especially from someone who suffers from parasites, can lead to contamination. This includes anything from a handshake to kissing.

Also, parasites aren’t only transferred from people as pets can easily pass them to humans as well. For example, individuals who are in continuous contact with human or animal faeces without washing their hands can easily contract parasites.

There are various ways to eliminate and remove parasites. Some of the most effective treatments include the usage of herbs such as Neem and Papaya seeds. Neem seeds are anti-parasitic treatments that have been used for thousands of years in China and India. One of the main advantages of using them is that they aren’t only effective in killing parasites, but they also eliminate toxins that are left behind when they’re dying.

They also support liver functions and this helps it to fully recover especially after it has been over-worked due to the infection. Papaya seeds are also effective in killing parasites and assist in removing toxins. Herbs can also help in overcoming symptoms associated with parasite infection like fatigue, skin eruptions, and malnutrition.

Herbs are the most effective treatments, even more than medications, especially that they eliminate toxins completely from the body. On the other hand, medications do get rid of the parasites but aren’t effective in eliminating toxins that are left behind. However, there are numerous lifestyle changes that have to be implemented after and during treatment as there is always a chance that the parasite infection will come back again, even after being successfully treated. These lifestyle changes include:-

• Making sure that hands are always clean before eating or drinking as there is always a possibility that you have touched an area that consists of parasites.
• Making sure that surroundings are always clean to ensure that parasites won’t grow in these areas.
• If you own pets, try to avoid contact with their faeces as much as possible and wear gloves when removing them. This is because parasites can easily be transferred from faeces to the human body especially if you don’t clean or wash your hands after it.
• Food should always be cooked properly and avoid consuming food that is undercooked especially in the cases of meat and vegetables.


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