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Natural Pink Eye Help
Herbs and homeopathic remedies to help cure your pink eye (conjunctivitis) symptoms.

Natural Cures and Remedies
for Pink Eye

What is Pink Eye?

Conjunctivis is also known as pinkeye. It's an inflammation of the conjunctiva which is a protective layer over the white part of your eye and it lines the inside of your eyelids as well. Conjunctivitis or pinkeye can be caused due to several factors. Such as:
• Viruses
• Bacterial like gonorrhea or Chlamydia
• Irritants, for example: shampoos, soaps, pool chlorine, dirt, dust, smoke, etc.
• Allergies such as dust, pollen or special allergies which irritate some lens wearers.

Conjunctivitis caused due to virus and bacteria can be easily cured if diagnosed promptly and treated properly. However conjunctivitis in newborn babies need to be immediately reported to the doctor as their eyes are far more sensitive than an adult’s and it could lead to severe damage as well. Conjunctivis is very contagious and can spread extremely easily. This is why it is always recommended that individuals who suffer from pink eye to avoid sharing their objects with someone else.

It is mainly caused by viruses and this is why it can be very difficult to treat it using antibiotics as mentioned previously. The condition can either be acute or viral and this differs from one person to another. conjunctivis is caused by adenovirus. This is a respiratory virus that is common and can lead to other medical problems like sort throats and respiratory infection which will probably lead to using more treatments.

The symptoms of conjunctivitis differ from person to person because of the different causes of inflammation. A person who gets pinkeye due to dust or allergies would have different symptoms than the one who gets it due to a bacteria. But there are some common symptoms which are found in almost all patients of conjunctivitis.

These are:

1. Redness in the white part of the eye or in the inner eyelid.
2. Increased amount of tears.
3. Yellow discharge which collects over the eye especially after sleep.
4. Green or white discharge from the eyes.
5. Itchy eyes.
6. Eyes burn
7. Blurred vision
8. More light sensitivity

If you have any of these symptoms then consult your doctor as soon as possible. He would conduct an eye exam where he might even collect a sample of the fluid discharged from your eyes. Through a simple lab examination any virus or bacteria that caused conjunctivitis could be diagnosed. Even a bacteria that may cause a sexually transmitted disease or STD can be diagnosed and then proper treatment can be advised.

The treatment for conjunctivitis differs in different cases. For different causes there are different symptoms and for different kinds there are different treatments.

 Viruses: a conjunctivitis which results due to a virus may come from a simple virus that causes a common cold. Like a common cold, this viral pinkeye will run its course. It might last for 4 to 7 days. During this time you need to wash your hands frequently. As its viral it could spread easily from person to person. Avoid contact with others. Avoid touching your eyes even if you experience an itchy or burning sensation.

 Bacteria: conjunctivitis caused due to bacteria is treated with antibiotics in the form of pills, ointments or eye drops. Eye drops and ointments need to be applied to inside of your eyelids three to four times a day for five to seven days. The pills need to be taken for a couple of days, usually a week. Take your drugs as prescribed by the doctor even if the symptoms go away.

 Irritants: in case of irritants, just use water to wash your eyes. Your eyes would start to improve in about four hours. If the pinkeye was caused due to acidic or alkaline substance then rinse your eyes with a lot of water and call your doctor immediately.

 Allergies: conjunctivitis caused due to allergy can be removed easily once your allergy is removed.

Bacterial conjunctivitis can lead to a lot more drainage than acute or viral pink eye. Bacterial infections can last for ten days without any treatments and for a few days if medical treatments are used. Many doctors will recommend antibiotics to be taken on a regular basis. Both mild and bacterial conjunctivitis can be treated and it is extremely rare for them to progress into other serious medical conditions. Most treatments such as ointments and eye drops usually work effectively and help in relieving the pain or irritation that the patient is going through.

However, patients should make sure that they implement proper hygiene habits after the condition is cured as there is always a chance that it is going to come back again. Many people have reported suffering from mild and bacterial conjunctivitis two and even three times throughout their lifetime.



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