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Natural and herbal remedies for the treatment of shingles symptoms.

Provides complete and effective immune system support.

Natural Cures and Remedies for Shingles

What Causes Shingles?

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Shingles is an infection that affects the nerve and most of the skin around it. It is mainly caused by the virus that arises from herpes varicella-zoster and is also known to cause other medical problems like chickenpox, high fevers, and painful rashes that are left untreated. Shingles most affects a certain area in the body or either the left and right side in most situations. However, the virus never crosses the body’s midline.

Even though it is a virus, it can’t be spread from one person to another and those who are affected can easily go through their daily activities, unless they’re suffering from high fever or any of the other associated symptoms. However, fluid from blisters is somewhat contagious and can lead to chickenpox, not shingles, in individuals who have never got chicken pox and received the vaccine. This is why it is recommended that individuals with shingle maintain adequate hygiene habits and prevent sharing their items with someone else as their always a high possibility that the fluid is on them.

Some of the symptoms associated with it are painful rashes that eventually develop into painful and itchy blisters. These blisters can also be extremely irritating and can impact movements, especially hand movements. Additionally, a lot of people feel sick for a couple of days until the rash finally appears and suffer from high fever.

Other common side effects include feeling dizzy, weak, along with changes in vision where many individuals have reported finding difficulties seeing, and not being able to function properly throughout the day. However, it is essential to understand that these symptoms usually differ from one person to another especially if the person is suffering from other medical conditions.

Shingles is somewhat highly associated with chicken pox. Almost 98% of people get chickenpox when they’re children or later on in early stages of their life such as when they are teenagers. However, there are many instances where the virus stays dormant in the central nervous system but doesn’t cause any harm during this period and this is why it is impossible to detect when chickpox or shingles.

The body’s immune system prevents it from spreading but it can be later on reactivated and lead to shingles. It is unknown why the virus ends up being reactivated again at later life stages but some of the reasons are lower immunity, stress, or a medical condition that negatively affects the immunity system like HIV or anaemia. Additionally, individuals who are older are most likely going to be prone to shingles than younger adults or infants and this is due to the fact that younger adults and infants will have chickenpox and the virus would be still dormant after it is gone and cured.

There isn’t any cure available for shingles unlike other medical conditions and this is why the condition can be very unpleasant for many people. In many situations, the rash can last for seven to ten days and it takes about four weeks for the rash to heal completely and for the blisters to be removed. However, there are numerous medications available to decrease the pain and irritation that individuals go through when they’re suffering from shingles. Most of these medications and treatments can easily be purchased from the pharmacy and don’t necessarily require a prescription or diagnosis from the doctor.

Shingles can also lead to various complications like postherpetic neuralgia. This is serious nerve pain that lasts for about three months even if the rash is completely gone or if the rash is ignored and not treated effectively throughout the first weeks.

This is perhaps the only medical complication to take place and it is very rare for shingles and the associated rash to develop into another serious medical condition. However, it is recommended to consult a doctor if these treatments aren’t working effectively as the condition is usually cured easily and this might mean that the patient is not suffering from shingles but from something else. It isn’t always possible to completely prevent shingles and it is never known when the virus is going to start affecting the body.

However, Zostavax vaccine has been effective in decreasing chances of developing this condition and prevents it from taking place. The vaccine can also decrease the side effects that individuals go through when they get the condition. However, this is not 100% effective as there are many people who took the vaccine and ended up suffering from shingles through later stages in life.


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From Dianna --
I have known about this for years. I used it on my daughter when she was seven. Aztec Indian Healing Clay! You make a poultice using the clay and vinegar -- I use raw apple cider vinegar -- and keep it on with bandages.  Renewing the poultice whenever it gets dry and at least in the morning and at night.  It will draw the shingles completely out.

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