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Below are cures and remedies that readers of this web site have submitted.





Immune System

From Ellen --
Rainforest Treasure Tea: A tasty tea blend of 6 medicinal herbs. I can count on it to end a cold, flu or bronchitis now! These herbs boost the immune system, are effective against bacteria, viruses of all sorts, fungus, mold, including candida, parasites, kidney stones, gall stones and gastro-intestinal difficulties. It gives me calm balanced energy and mental focus with no caffeine. I have been drinking this tea for five years during which various health concerns have disappeared.


Acid Reflux

From Annette --
Mustard out of the grocery store for acid reflux.


Migraine Headache

From Lena --
I used to be a chronic migraine sufferer. I am now 57 years old and from my experience, migraines can be avoided if one takes a little fresh ginger root (peeled)
with a pinch of rock salt or plain salt, during or after a meal or at least once a day.  In India, we drink tea in which ginger & cardamom have been boiled.  This is good for digestion. Most of us do not connect the stomach with pain in the head. I have observed that if food is not digested, it affects the head.  Same goes with drinking cold drinks or eating chilled food on an empty stomach. If you are starving (migraines also occur when one does not eat when hungry), eat only warm food. Fruit juice should be avoided at breakfast time.  In the West it is common to combine milk and fruit juice for breakfast.  This is wrong.  Milk plus juice, specially citrus juice, curdles in the stomach.  Fruits and juice are best taken separately between 10 and 11 am. Hope this helps.


High Blood Pressure

From Bob K. --
I have a remedy for high blood pressure. I use flax seed in my diet as much as three tablespoons a day. It is high in fiber and reduces cholesterol. It has also helped lower my blood pressure. Flax seeds are known to soften the arteries making the blood flow easier. I will probably eat it the rest of my life. You can sprinkle ground flax seed over your oatmeal or put it in your muffins. Be creative. The taste is mild and easy to add to your favorite recipes.



From Angela --
SAM-E has really been helpful for me. I started using it about six months ago because one of my friends suggested it to me as her aunt was using it. Her aunt said that her naturopath had recommended it to her. Anyway, It has helped tremendously in reducing my pain and giving me more energy.

From Julia --
If you suffer from Fibromyalgia I highly recommend taking a bath in some cups of Epsom Salt to absorb the Magnesium Sulfate. This way of soaking helps to balance the lack of Magnesium that causes fibro. I prefer the new product REV for epsom salt, because I think they have the strongest and also most natural formula. You can get it at CVS. They have 3 different packages. I use the red box. Good luck.


Adrenal Fatigue

From Marko --
First thank you for your web site. Very useful and nicely designed. I've been struggling with some of the similar issues as you do, and I wanted to let you know of one new remedy which I found very useful for adrenal fatigue: it's nettle seeds. Yea, I know... who would of figured, right?

If you're interested you might want to take a look at the Medicine Womans Roots blog entry on this topic here: http://bearmedicineherbals.com/?p=271


Skin Health/Arthritis

From Natalie --
I have used crocodile oil for various ailments. Dry skin being #1, acne, insect bites, boils, sore joints, thrush, wrinkles and to relieve rashing. Warm oil slightly and rub it on! Or just rub it in....or add an essential oil and give it an extra boost......very soothing.


Bronchitis and Chronic Cough

From Hope --
To Cure Bronchitis and a chronic cough, drink fresh carrot juice daily for a week. Either juice them yourself or go to a local health store and buy it fresh each day. You won't believe how well it works. To see my story on how it worked for me, visit http://www.provennaturalcures.com.


Healthy Diet

From Molly --
Figure out your diet. There are certain foods that cause symptoms to be much much worse. For me the worst are sugar, grease, caffeine, alcohol, and dairy. These will vary from person to person. I kept a food diary and was able to notice a direct relationship between certain foods that I ate and my symptoms. Some I already had suspicions about, others were a complete surprise. When I am in control of my diet as far as steering away from the "bad" foods, and also eating healthy otherwise, I feel completely different than when I am not.


Oral Thrush

Rachel --
Thrush treatment. Use aloe vera gel with a little tea tree oil. Applied topically it is very soothing.

Brenda --
My favorite remedy is yogurt. Had oral thrush from suspected antibiotic reaction.


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